6ix9ine Goes at YG on Instagram

6ix9ine and YG
via Instagram / YG / 6ix9ine

6ix9ine’s latest rival is Compton rap star YG.

While on a press run promoting his Stay Dangerous album, YG was asked about a previous social media post dissing 6ix9ine. If you recall, back in March, YG posted a brief video on Instagram, where he blatantly calls out the New York newcomer: “F*ck 6ix9ine. 4Hunnid said it”.

When asked about the video during an interview with The Breakfast Club, YG made it clear that he stands by what he said.

“I ain’t come to the The Breakfast Club to talk about this n*gga. It is in ‘Su Whoop’ and yeah, that’s how I feel — so what? The little n*gga was playing with too much of the real sh*t and I had to say something,” YG explained. “It is what it is. N*ggs know what’s up, but I don’t like all that sh*t”.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to stir up controversy, 6ix9ine responded on Instagram… and did so with much disrespect.

“YG, suck my f*ckin’ d*ck, stupid. Your last single before your album came out had four major artists on there. You had 2 Chainz, you had Nicki Minaj and you had Big Sean. How’s my record doing better than your shit? You a whole bum out here,” 6ix9ine stated. “Stop going on radio stations tryna promote your album mentioning my name.”

Nicki Minaj seemed to try to mediate, hopping in the comments. “I told you to chill Daniel,” she wrote, addressing 6ix9ine. “You know ‘Big Bank’ went gold before ‘Fefe’ right babe? Stop trolling.” She later added, “@6ix9ine both songs are [flame emoji].”

After 6ix9ine’s response, YG reposted the video, adding the caption: “CANT WAIT TILL WE MEET @6ix9ine.”