Does the Moshi “Arcus” Backpack Live Up To its Expectations? (Review)

Arcus Backpack by Moshi

Finding a travel backpack that meets our needs of functionality, comfort and design plays a pivotal role when it comes to traveling. It is crucial for us that the backpack lives up to its expectations when put into demanding situations, such as the airport, train stations or exploring a major city.

In the quest for that perfect travel backpack, we decided to take a look into the Arcus Backpack by Moshi. Moshi is known for their modern designs that meet the needs of consumers in remarkable, practical, and new ways. Using only the best materials, their commitment to be eco-friendly by using recycled and/or naturally biodegradable materials is intriguing.

Here are our thoughts…


Moshi is known for their innovative and multi-functional accessories. Inspired by the shape of an Arcus cloud, the full-sized backpack has a spacious main compartment that makes for a great weekend bag. Ever run into the problem of sunglasses or headphones being damaged in your pockets? Well, worry not with the Arcus, as it features a crush-resistant top compartment to store your more fragile items. Also, the outer shell of the bag is treated with a weather-resistant surface to help keep your belongings safe and dry.

Arcus Backpack by Moshi


This backpack has performed strongly when It came to keeping our gear organized. The device compartment has shock-absorbing pockets that hold our 13-inch laptop comfortably along with a few other items. Two discreet, zippered pockets on the backside are an excellent addition for keeping important items such as a passport or wallet close to your body. It is a winner in our book when you don’t have to take off your backpack to access your passport or wallet.

Arcus Backpack by Moshi


When it comes to traveling around a major city or roaming the desert on foot, a comfortable bag is vital. We carried our camera gear and a few pairs of clothes through the desert for a few hours. The padded Airmesh shoulder straps and back support were comfortable enough that we forgot we had it on. The Arcus also comes with a detachable sternum strap to help provide added comfort with heavier loads.

Arcus Backpack by Moshi


Moshi offers a Camera insert to house a DSLR and various lenses/accessories. I don’t want to confuse this to be able to carry around a lot of camera gear, were as we were only able to fit one camera and one smaller lens into the insert. Although, this insert is sold separately it is a great addition for photographers with smaller DSLR’s or mirrorless cameras.

Arcus Backpack by Moshi


After spending time with this bag over a course of a few weeks. The Arcus played an important role in our traveling adventures. Switching back and forth to a weekend bag to a camera bag by simply adding the camera insert, has made our experience more enjoyable.

This bag retails for $229.95 and the camera insert for $49.95. Find out more about this bag on Moshi’s Website.

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