The self-proclaimed “King of New York”, Tekashi 6ix9ine visited Power 105 in NYC this past week for a lengthy interview with Angie Martinez, where he talks about everything.

During the over hour-long interview, the rapper talks about his childhood, losing his father as a teen, his recent robbery, issues with Vic Mensa and Nicki Minaj, among other things.

First, 6ix9ine addresses his recent beef with Vic Mensa, who he says he’s actually never heard of. “I don’t even know who that kid is. I put this on everything I love. May God strike me dead, on my daughter’s life, I can not name one song if someone had a gun to my head right now,” he said (the 1:07:30 mark), before asking the following questions: “Who is he? Is he even respected? Who knows him? Does he have a Billboard hit? So why are you beefing with me?”

From there, he pointed to various people in the studio, challenging them to name one Mensa song… and no one could. “Vic Mensa, this is for you: No one knows you. Like, no one. We’re at a radio station, the hottest radio station probably in New York. No one knows you. I’m not being mean; I literally asked everyone. I gave you a fair chance.”

Regarding his recent robbery, he detailed the events leading up to, during, and following the incident. He essentially said it was an inside job.

“Yo, it’s common sense. You can’t make me say something I can’t say,” 6ix9ine said (41:51 mark). “Everyone who’s listening to the story: It’s not ‘Who got Tekashi,’ because no one could get to me. I’ve done told the whole world to suck my d*ck, and they know they couldn’t get to me. The only people who could’ve gotten next to me, is the people who are already next to me…. I’m not dumb.”