For the first time in NBA Live history, gamers will be able to create female players in the upcoming installment of NBA Live 19.

As pointed out by EA, the inclusion of female players in the game is an important step toward leveling the playing field and allowing gamers to further express their unique individuality and create a reflection of themselves while competing in the game.

The new feature follows last year’s introduction of the WNBA’s full roster in the NBA LIVE franchise, also a video game first.

In NBA Live 19, players will be able to create female characters and take them around the world in the game’s “THE ONE” mode, build their squad, take on global challenges and access the same skills, progression and gear as their male counterparts. Also, both men and women can also play together on the same team in THE ONE.

Just as male gamers, female gamers will also be able to scan their faces using the NBA LIVE Companion app (iOS and Android) and import them onto their customized player. Furthermore, NBA LIVE 19 will introduce new Icon Abilities modeled after some of the greatest female ballers of all time, including Candace Parker and others.

NBA LIVE 19 releases Sept. 7 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pre-order your copy here.