via Twitter / Arcade1Up

If you’re a fan of 1990s nostalgia, specifically arcades and arcade games, Arcade1Up is bringing them into your home.

The company is teaming up with GameStop to roll out a first run of affordable arcade cabinets called Arcade1Up, each stocked with classic games like Centipede, Asteroids, and more.

Each cabinent stand at around 4-feet tall, each comes loaded with different arcade classics in full-color and high resolution. On the main panel features the original title’s controls and button configurations.

Five Arcade1UP cabinets will release this fall, each machine featuring 3-4 different games. Below is the rundown:

Street Fighter Cabinet
– Street Fighter II Champion Edition
– Street Fighter II The New Challengers
– Street Fighter II Turbo

Rampage Cabinent
– Rampage
– Gauntlet
– Joust
– Defender

Centipede Cabinent
– Centipede
– Missle Command
– Crystal Castle
– Millipede

Asteroids Cabinent
– Asteroids
– Major Havoc
– Lunar Lander
– Tempest

You can pre-order an Arcade1Up in-store at GameStop locations and its online store, with machines are slated to arrive Sept. 25.