Cavalier Audio Introduces Maverick Speaker With Alexa Voice

Cavalier Audio Maverick

Cavalier Audio offers a first look at its new speaker: the Maverick, with Amazon Alexa voice control.

Dreamed up by the brand’s experienced team of musicians and engineers, the Maverick speaker brings world-class acoustics to life with a 20W stereo speaker system featuring two active drivers and dual passive radiators that create a true room-filling experience.

It is also fully portable, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, while also allowing users to go completely hands-free with built-in Amazon Alexa voice control technology.

In addition to tech specs, Cavalier made the Maverick look as good as it sounds. It’s made of premium materials, such as genuine wood with natural oil finish, custom-knit fabrics, distressed leathers and machined edged metals.

The Maverick is available now at Cavalier Audio’s website for $299 USD.