Rising rapper YBN Nahmir does Complex’s Sneaker Shopping show, stopping by Flight Club in Los Angeles to talk about footwear.

During the shoot, the 18-year-old talks about standing out in school for his style, how he got the chance to be in a Jordan Brand lookbook, and recalls how his aunt used to send him Air Jordans when he was younger.

Laters, Nahmir roasts fellow crew member YBN Almighty Jay for wearing the clunky dad shoes, while also recalling the first and only time he camped out for Air Jordans.

Also, he talks about Eazy-E being an inspiration for him growing up. “Eazy-E is cold as f*ck,” he said. “I been listening to that n*gga since I was like 6 or 7. My whole family been on that dude. My cousin used to get jheri curls to try and be like him. We used to try and be like him and all that”

At the end, Nahmir spends over $2,500 on Jordans and Air Maxes.