6ix9ine robbed in NYC
6ix9ine in the hospital / via TMZ

After months of daring anyone to “test his gangster”, it appears someone finally has.

6ix9ine was reportedly kidnapped, pistol whipped and robbed early Sunday morning (July 22) in Brooklyn, and was hospitalized.

According to TMZ, the rapper was working on a music video into the early morning hours of Sunday morning in Brooklyn. When he wrapped at around 4AM, he was driven home, but another car pulled up blocked his driveway, and three men attacked 6ix9ine.

He was pistol whipped and knocked unconscious.

6ix9ine was taken into the backseat of the gunmen’s vehicle and they sped off, but after realizing the rapper didn’t have much cash on him, they returned to his home. They robbed him of $750,000 worth of jewelry and around $15k-$20k in cash at his home, where his baby’s mama and daughter were inside, but not hurt.

TMZ reports that 6ix9ine remained in the backseat of the car as they fled, but at some point, was able to jump out of the vehicle. He then jumped into the passenger seat of a stranger’s vehicle and pleaded for help.

He was ultimately taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries.

This was the initial story. However, 6ix9ine told cops something else, though similar. Here’s the update, via TMZ, below:

Law enforcement sources tell us, they ended up interviewing 69 and he said the following: At around 4:25 AM Sunday, he was a passenger in a Chevy Tahoe at a Brooklyn intersection, sitting at a red light, when a car bumped them from behind. He told cops 2 men with guns jumped out, stole the driver’s iPhone and then grabbed Tekashi and dragged him into their car and sped away.

Law enforcement says they drove to Tekashi’s home and he called someone inside — presumably his baby mama — and asked her to come down with his jewelry … which she did. Our sources say Tekashi then told cops he managed to escape and reported the incident to cops, but then became uncooperative. He checked himself into the hospital. Our sources say they have no idea how Tekashi was injured.

If you haven’t followed 6ix9ine’s story, he’s bragged for months that nobody will ever touch him, despite him daring anyone to test him when they see him in the streets.