HEX offered a first look at its upcoming Fall 2018 collection this week, unveiling the lookbook.

The theme for the season is “Crossroads”, which plays on the idea of convergent and divergent paths. This idea carries over into the product mix, via a balance of juxtaposition and symmetry between colors, shapes and textures.

Here’s an explanation of the “Crossroads” theme from the brand:

You have heard of the road less traveled. Is that what your road looks like? Or is your road more like a gridlocked freeway? Either way, we are all on a journey. It may take a while, there may be detours, but if you keep moving, your road will take you there… somewhere. Along the way, we all need friends we can trust. We want adventures to experience. We have futures to fulfill. And we all have choices to make. Investing in yourself is your only sure bet, so innovate, energize, and blaze that trail.

Look at for the Fall 2018 collection from HEX, dropping on their website soon.