Producer Scott Storch’s Story Told in “Still Storch” Mini-Doc

Scott Storch
via VEVO

Vevo has released a documentary short called Still Storch, telling the story of super producer Scott Storch.

In the film, released exclusively online, cameras follows Storch around, as he details his story, from his early beginnings as a member of The Roots band to producing platinum-selling global hits for the likes of Beyonce, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera and the list goes on.

The mini-doc also talks about his harrowing story of addiction and fame… told by him. Storch explains how he burned through a $100 million+ fortune, and hit rock-bottom”. However, his incredible talent continues to fuel his passion to create and back on track.

“People have their bottoms – I shot through the bottom and I went like a hundred thousand leaps beyond the sea bottom… I don’t know many people who could survive emotionally, mentally through what I went through,” he said.