Whoa! Jay-Z & Beyonce Worth $1.25B Combined

Jay-Z and Beyonce - APESHIT

Jay-Z and Beyonce have made it their business to build their portfolios over the years and it has paid off tenfold.

The music power couple is worth a combined $1.255 billion combined, according to the latest figures from Forbes.

In the magazine’s annual list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women, Beyoncé lands at No. 53 with an estimated net worth of $355 million, thanks to her touring efforts, endorsements, and music. As for Jay-Z, his net worth is valued at $900 million, putting him at No. 1 on the Forbes Five list of Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists. Jay’s money is credited to his numerous business ventures, including Roc Nation, TIDAL, and D’Ussé cognac.

“My great-great-grandchildren already rich,” Beyonce boasts on “Boss,” a track off her joint album with JAY-Z, Everything Is Love. “That’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes list.”

She ain’t lying though.

The couple’s money-making run continues too, as they are currently on the road for their “On the Run II” stadium tour.