McLaren 750S
via Buck Casteel /

McLaren the latest carmaker to announce plans to move away from gasoline-powered vehicles.

The British car brand announced recently that it plans to make every vehicle in its lineup a hybrid by the year 2025, reports Car & Driver.

While that’s big news, McLaren made some other big announcements. By 2025, it plans to rollout 18 new models, up from just six it currently has. Some will be completely new models, while others will be derivatives of existing vehicles.

Lastly, CEO Mike Flewitt also spoke about driver assistance technology, saying it would be “augmentation” instead of “autonomy.” He said features they plan to feature in McLaren would be “designed in for safety, legislation, and emissions.”

The idea is that it’s like “having a virtual coach who could show you how to improve on a track,” added COO Jens Ludman.