The LeBron James “King of LA” Mural Removed After Being Vandalized

LeBron James King of LA mural
via @NEVER1959

Following news of LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers, artists Never and Menso erected a mural in the city that has been dubbed “King of LA”.

As you can see, the mural features LeBron sporting his new Lakers jersey. In the background, the words “The King of LA” is added in purple and gold.

Following its initial unveiling, the mural was vandalized with one or more people painting phrases like “We don’t want you”, “No King” and “LeFraud” over it. There was even a reference to his NBA finals record of 3-6.

Never fixed it after the first defacement, removing the word “of” from “The King of LA”. However, earlier this week, the LeBron mural was defaced again by someone splattering it with yellow paint.

After multiple vandalism attempts, Never has decided to cover the mural altogether.

While many fans are excited about LeBron’s arrival in Los Angeles, it appears that many aren’t too happy.

The real question is: Can LeBron James can take the storied franchise back to greatness?