Childish Gambino Gives Us Summer Vibes With “Summer Pack” EP

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino
via Instagram / Donald Glover

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino in the music world,  is back with two hot new songs. This time around, instead of doing it for the culture and creating a energy that is also politically aware and fun to jam to (“This is America”), he brings us summertime bliss to ease the soul.

On Wednesday (July 11), Glover surprised fans with a release of the Summer Pack, a two-song EP containing pure vibes and feels.

The EP contains the songs “Sumertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer”, the former immediately begins with a soulful, island appeal as Gambino chants, “You feel like Summertime / You took this heart of mine / You’ll be my valentine in the summer, in the summer.” This record is so …sensational. Quickly after the first listen, you want to play it over and over. It’s filled with love and such positive spiritidness that listeners will be gushing over all summer long. “Summertime Magic” is such a feel good, upbeat record that makes you just want to do several things. Like, for example: Ride with the top down as the song blasts in the summer; Be with someone who you cherish and cannot be without; and dance… ALL NIGHT LONG.

“Feels Like Summer” follows this same energy, but manages to still give a completely different attractiveness.  With a distorted voice and mysterious production, Gambino bellows, “You can feel it in the streets / On a day like this, the heat / It feel like summer / I feel like summer.” The production is so very smooth and calm. However, don’t let the beat and mood distract from the swift message Gambino throws in. He speaks about air pollution, the lack of water, and the environment as a whole with lines such as:

“Every day gets hotter than the one before,
Running out of water, it’s about to go down,
Go down,
Air that killed the bees that we depend upon,
Birds were made for singing, waking up to no sound,
No sound.”

Gambino tackles other topics such as our dramatically-increasing world population, the role of technology, and climate control. As he sings about the pain that he feels from the world in its current state, he expresses his hope that the world will change… though doubtful. You feel the passion in his heart as he hits the heavenly falsettos and blesses the track. Here is the beauty that comes with Gambino; he makes things that are honestly terrible in today’s society melodic and beautiful. It’s like a “beauty in the struggle” kind of approach. Now, that may sound bad, but in actuality, it brings even more awareness to those issues and also creates relatable, heartfelt, GOOD content for consumers to take in and enjoy.

As a listener who is not familiar with Gambino’s entire discography, this still does not make it hard for me to love these tracks by far. Glover has been KILLING it with his last few drops and visuals. His last album, Awaken, My Love!, was outstanding and definitely deserves more attention. Glover is truly innovative and has no problem re-creating himself and creating records that fans and real music lovers will thrive off. As stated previously, the two tracks are pure energy and they are oh so refreshing to the spirit and the season of Summer.

Another job well done, Gambino!