Following a brief romance, the breakup between Tinashe and Ben Simmons is going from bad to worse.

According to TMZ, the NBA star is claiming that the singer has been following him and showing up at the same places he visits with his new girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

Actions like this have Simmons so concerned, that he’s seriously considering more security, calling her “obsessive”.

Tinashe has actually been spotted at the same clubs as Simmons and Jenner recently, and he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence.

Just last week, the singer showed up at at Delilah, and told TMZ cameras that Simmons had texted her. Just weeks before, she was at Poppy in West Hollywood — again at the same time as Simmons and Jenner.

Tinashe later admitted that she lied about him texting her and apologized.

Simmons believes Tinashe is not accepting that the two have broken up and he has moved on, and believes she’s borderline stalking him.