Tre Capital - HERO

Rising Los Angeles rapper Tre Capital delivers this third project of 2018, a new album titled HERO.

Trending on Apple Music’s Hip-Hop New Releases list, the new project is executive produced by himself and Josh Simmons.

“The album is about me destroying the definition attached to the word ‘Hero’, simply because it does not relate to our times,” Tre says of the album’s title. “A lot of negative energy is applied daily because people are more susceptible to hiding behind positions of power simply off status,” says Tre Capital of the record.”

Jay-Z previously said, “Dark knight feeling, die and be a Hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” This quote inspired Hero, because it made Tre aware of the choice that heroic people make in sacrificing everything to help and give to others. With that said, the concept is not about destroying the traditional definition attached to the word “hero”, often associated with “superhero”, but instead make it more relevant.

Hero features 10 new tracks, with guest appearances from Anthony Kilhoffer and Mathaius Young, alongside production from HazeBanga, S1, WondaGurl and Kilhoffer, among others.

Tre Capital released his debut mixtape Heaven Isn’t Far from Here in 2013. But before that, he appeared on his father Xzibit’s 2012 project Naplam.

Stream Tre’s Hero album below.