After running things with its Echo smart speaker and the Fire TV streamer, Amazon enters its latest living room product into the fold: the Fire TV Cube.

The latest Fire TV update actually combines both the Echo and Fire TV into one product, blending the Echo’s smart speaker expertise and Alexa voice assistant with a media streaming box that can control your entertainment capabilities in the living room… or whereever else you need it.

Sure, you can do the same thing with separate devices, but the main goal here is to combine things. It has the same content options as a Fire TV 4K — Netflix, Hulu, PS Vue, Amazon Prime Video, and so on — but adds the Echo’s extensive voice control capabilities to your TV. You can say commands aloud from across the room to search for movies or TV shows, play, pause, and control volume… so that’s pretty awesome.

This also allows you to control other devices you have plugged into your TV. Got a soundbar, cable box, or Blu-ray, with the Fire TV Cube, you can control it with your voice. In fact, you can control everything without ever having to pick up a remote.

While it’s by no means perfect, testing shows that its Alexa-based voice control system works more often than it doesn’t.

The cube itself is around 3.5×3.5 inches, is black and plastic, with an LED light on the front and ports for an HDMI cable (not included), power, IR extender, and wired networking (via an included Ethernet adapter), on the back. On top, there is eight microphones and at the bottom of the device is a downward-firing speaker for hearing Alexa speak.

As for the actual speaker, it’s not as powerful as a standard Echo, but it’s also not exactly made for playing music. Instead, you can voice a command to play your music through your TV’s speakers or another attached speaker.

You may already have Echo or Fire TV, but at just $114 USD, it’s not going to break the bank to consolidate and add some features. Order yours here at