“Fortnite” Player Sets Single-Game Kills Record, But Everyone Hates Him For It

via Epic Games

While Ninja is widely considered the most recognized player in Fortnite, another player is coming for his crown. The name is “Elemental_Ray”.

Over the weekend, Epic Games ran a Fortnite, which featured a rocket shooting into the sky. This event shattered the space-time continuum and is said to change much about the game’s universe.

During this, most players refrained from killing each other in battle royale matches so that they could watch the launch unfold… but Elemental_Ray didn’t stop. The player managed to kill 48 other players during the match simultaneously, while several players had gathered on top of a constructed ramp to view the rocket launch. To do so, Elemental_Ray destroyed the ramp and sent all the players falling to their deaths… and ruining the players’ chances of seeing the one-time only launch.

The mark was a single-game kills record for Elemental_Ray, but it also makes him one of the most hated.

Going into the match, he had a paltry lifetime kill-to-death ratio of just 0.47. So, he isn’t that great a player… but now, is one of the most infamous.

The internet went off and were not too happy with the incident. One thing’s for sure, Elemental_Ray now has a lot of enemies in Fortnite.

He offers his side of the story in the Youtube video below.