DeAndre Jordan
via Verse Photography / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Three years after verbally agreeing to and backing out of a deal with the Dallas Mavericks, DeAndre Jordan joins the team.

According to ESPN, DJ has agreed to sign a one-year deal with the Mavs, worth close to the $24.1 million player option he declined with the LA Clippers.

The 29-year-old confirmed the news on social media, tweeting out an emoji of a smiley face with a cowboy hat.

Now that he’s agreed, he can officially sign after the moratorium period ends Friday (July 6). During this moratorium period three years ago, he changed his mind hours before, ignoring texts and phone calls from Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons after meeting with his Clippers teammates.

Despite leaving a bad taste in the team’s mouth, the Mavs have forgiven DJ and made him their top priority during free agency.

Last season, Jordan averaged 12.0 points and 15.2 rebounds. He is the final main piece of the Clippers’ “Lob City” era, after Chris Paul bolted to Houston and Blake Griffin was dealt to the Detroit Pistons.

For Dallas, DJ serves as a dominant presence and finisher in the paint. He will be a great pick-and-roll partner for point guard Dennis Smith Jr. and swingman Luka Doncic.