Damon Dash Lee Daniels Culture Vulture
via TMZ

African American filmmaker Lee Daniels has received awards for his film projects, which includes everything from 2012’s The Butler and Precious to hit TV series Empire. But, hip-hop legend Damon Dash is calling him a culture vulture.

In an interview with TMZ Live, Dame said he invested in two of Daniels’ projects with the promise that he’d pay him back. Instead, he ended up millions in the hole.

Dame says the filmmaker said he’d pay him back the money, regardless of how well the films did. Ultimately, he claims Daniels blew him off… prompting him to file a lawsuit.

Dame filed a lawsuit against Daniels in 2014 and they ultimately struck a settlement deal, but Dame says Daniels is still a “culture vulture”.

He is now suing Daniels again. This time, to the tune of $5 million.