Nipsey Hussle Gets Into Altercation, Slaps Parking Attendant

Nipsey Hussle Slaps Parking Attendant

If you haven’t seen the clip circulating social media, Los Angeles rap star Nipsey Hussle got into an argument with a parking attendant outside the BET Awards venue on Sunday (June 24)… and delivered a smack heard ’round the world.

Apparently, Nip was asking one of the staff if they could move some cones, so he could drive through a restricted area. An argument took place and the rapper would unload a hard right-handed slap.

Before it could escalate, an officer immediately grabbed Nipsey Hussle, who then gets back into his car.

Apparently, the rapper was late for a rehearsal and thought he could drive past the cones … but security would not let him.

According to TMZ, Nipsey Hussle has been named a suspect in a battery investigation for the incident.

Stay tuned…