NFL Rookie Josh Rosen Tells Us About Joining Adidas, Growing Up At the Beach

Josh Rosen
via John Pangilinan /

We spent five minutes with the Arizona Cardinal’s first round draft pick Josh Rosen recently, and chatted with him about joining the Adidas family and growing up in California.

Rosen grew up local in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and became the first true freshman to start at quarterback for UCLA.  He is the most recent addition to the impressive roster of NFL players that are exclusively signed to the Three Stripes, following Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Graham, Dak Prescott, DeAndre Hopkins and Von Miller.

How’s it feel to be part of the Adidas family?

It’s definitely awesome. I worked with them in college and got to know some of the guys.

We are here at the Adidas x Parley “Run for the Oceans” event. How has the experience been for you so far?

This is my first experience with Parley, but it’s pretty much the primary reason why I signed with Adidas — as a company that actually cared about its impact. I thought that was really awesome and something that I wanted to be part of. And be someone, champion popular culture to actually think and do good things and just do good things because they are cool.

You grew up and went to school here in LA and the ocean seems important to you. Do you spend time in the ocean: surfing or doing other activities?

I’m not a big surfer, but I actually grew up playing beach volleyball. I would leave the house on a Friday in boardshorts and a $20 bill and come home on Sunday. I grew up at the beach and it has a big place in my heart.

When you’re getting ready for a game, do you listen to any music to hype you up?

I actually have to do the opposite and calm myself down a little bit. As a quarterback you want to focus and get into the zone, so I’m listening to classic rock, alternative and some mellow hip-hop / EDM.

Story by John Pangilinan