After graduating from high school just recently, Floyd Mayweather’s oldest son Koraun is jumping right into the music biz as King Koraun, and delivers his first single “RACK$”.

The teen rapper says his debut single represents his lifestyle, because when you are a part of the Mayweather family, money ain’t a thing. “I picked this song because it represents my lifestyle and also the hard work to keep grinding and keep the racks coming in,” Koraun told us via email of “RACK$”.

In the visual, he flaunts his riches, cars and all the women it attracts.  The rapper performs his verses while thong-rocking vixens count his cash, while later, he takes calls at a desk via his cash phone. LOL!

“RACK$” is just the beginning for Koraun. He says he started recording last fall and has more heat on the way.

What does his dad Floyd Mayweather think? “Both of my parents have been a great support to me. My father is mainly giving me a few pointers on the industry,” he says.

Take a look at King Koraun’s first video and stay tuned for more.