5 Facts You Might Not Know About Jack Daniel’s

With an over 150 years of experience in whiskey-making, Jack Daniel’s is one of the most iconic brands in the entire spirits industry. Despite its long history, there’s probably a lot you might not know about the brand, even those of you who consider yourself diehards.

We were recently afforded a tour and history of the Jack Daniel’s brand at its headquarters in Lynchburg, Tennessee… and we learned a thing or two we thought we’d share with you below.

Jack isn’t his real name.

The founder of the Jack Daniel’s brand went by Jack, but that wasn’t his real name. Jack’s real name is actually Jasper Newton Daniel, but everyone called him “Jack”.


Jack’s birth date was unknown.

Birth certificates back in the day didn’t really exist. On Jack’s statue, his birth date read September 1850, but it is said that his mother had died in 1849, making it kind of impossible for him to be born in 1850. We were also told that Jack was quite the ladies man, so maybe he lied about his age to seem like he was younger that he really was.

The Jack Daniel’s distillery is in a dry county.

I know what your thinking: “how is a whiskey distillery in a dry county?” People are allowed to drink the whiskey in the comfort of their own homes, but you will not find any bars or liquor stores in the Lynchburg county, home to Jack Daniel’s. To purchase liquor, you would have to drive out of Lynchburg to get it.

Jack learned the art of making whiskey from a slave.

At the age of 7, Jack left home and went to live with a preacher by the name of Daniel Houston Call, who had a farm, a store, and of course, a whiskey still. A slave by the name of Nearest Green taught Jack about how to make whiskey and well… the rest was history.

Jack died kicking a safe.

Yes, its true. Every morning Jack’s nephew Lem Motlow would come in early in the morning to unlock the safe. One morning Jack decided to come into work before Lem got there, so he tried to open the safe himself. Jack became frustrated that he couldn’t get the safe opened that he kicked the safe breaking his big toe. Due to his injury, he had his big toe removed after getting an infection. Later, Jack eventually lost his leg and died of blood poising. Lesson number 1, don’t kick a safe; and lesson number 2, don’t go into work early.


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