It’s no secret that Lexus crafts high-performance vehicles, but now, here’s a look behind the secrets that make every aspect of each Lexus vehicle flawless.

Lexus Takumi masters – the most senior craftsmen – have at least 25 years of training, and are behind it all. Among the 7,700 workers at the Miyata Lexus Plant in Kyushu, there are just 19 Takumi. Throughout their careers, they preserve Lexus traditions and pass on valuable skills and processes.

For the Lexus LC 500, here’s some of the details these senior builders preserve in the process of production:

· It takes one hour to stitch a single shift knob;
· No less than 700 inspection points are evaluated;
· Every team member spends as much as 20 minutes working on each car, remarkable considering other facilities measure an individual’s work time in seconds.

In the video clip above, Lexus gives a peek behind the scenes at the Lexus Motomachi and Tahara factories, featuring the brand’s LC 500, RC F and GS F from production to pavement.

There’s a reason why so many people love Lexus performance. Watch the video to find out.