21 Savage Ditches the Jewelry Game & Other Rappers Should Take Note

21 Savage
via Michael Custodio / BallerStatus.com

21 Savage decided to give up jewelry and other rappers should take note.

In a recent feature with Vogue, 21 Savage talked about his decision to give up bling and how it has since made his pockets a whole lot fatter. “I stopped wearing jewelry for a couple of reasons,” he explained. “One is because everyone wears jewelry… another reason is because the richest people I’ve ever met in my life, they never had on jewelry. Every time I meet somebody who’s very, very rich — like wealthy — I’ve never seen them with jewelry on. And ever since I’ve been saving money and not spending it on jewelry, I’ve been getting way richer.”

This is an extremely responsible move on 21’s part, and quite business-savvy as well. It’s no secret that rappers like to ball out, spending hundreds of thousands on jewelry (just ask Quavo), so stepping away from such a lifestyle at such a young age is pretty respectable. Back in February, 21’s manager announced to Twitter that he would no longer be indulging in jewelry, so it’s cool to see how serious he’s taking his business moves. “21 Savage no longer wears jewelry… buying houses… investing in businesses… crypto & youth start ups is what he wanna make cool for young rappers to do,” he wrote.

Not matter how much money you have, wearing a house payment around your neck is pretty unnecessary. Hopefully, young rappers and old alike will take 21’s advice and start investing their money wisely. Don’t tell the high end jewelers though, they might not be too happy.