Kanye West
via Michael Custodio / BallerStatus.com

Following a VIP listening session for Kanye West’s new YE album at a ranch just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming last week, it appears rappers have been banned from the venue.

If you missed the news, a day before the album’s release, Kanye flew in a number of celebrities, artists, journalists and other influencers into the small Wyoming town for a listening session at Diamond Cross Ranch. Apparently, it was more than the owners of the ranch were expecting.

According to The Blast, owner Jane Golliher felt it was a good opportunity for exposure for her venue, but called it the “most confusing” event they’ve ever coordinated.

She said it was a “learning curve” because of the music, but also said Kanye changed his mind “every 30 minutes” leading up to the event. At first, it was supposed to be hosted inside of the ranch, but due to Kanye’s indecisiveness, it was hosted outside instead. So, the noise was a problem, resulting in her not wanting to host future events to other rappers.

Teton County has strict rules on noise. It has a noise ordinance that after 10 pm, music should be kept at under 80 decibels, but the party was supposedly heard to be up to 120 decibels, according to the owner, causing several of the ranch’s neighbors to complain.

Golliher now says that “no more rappers” or events with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music would be allowed.

Furthermore, she says she undercharged for the event and believes she should have charged $50,000 for it.