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While Drake has yet to respond (again) in the ongoing beef with Pusha T, many have been clowning Drizzy (as if they could not wait for a reason to) throughout social media. While the memes have been comical and entertaining, the real question that lies is, who really won this beef so far? Is there even a winner? Many have voiced their opinion that Pusha utterly bodied the 6 God and that there really is nothing that Drake can say or do at this point.

We all know the beef started with Pusha’s Daytona album, specifically on the cut “Infrared,” where Pusha made a claim that we have all heard before — Drake doesn’t write his own rhymes. With that, the pot began to stir. Drake quickly fired back with his “Duppy Freestyle,” a freestyle which truly delivered in every sense. With a quick sigh, Drake aimed the gun straight at Push’s head and fired without a second thought. He subtly checked Kanye and reminded him who helped him on songs on his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo and then re-loaded and aimed at Pusha again. Drake came straight for Pusha’s career and authenticity, insinuating that not only is he not even in the top 5 rank of his music label, but that he is not even a real drug pusher (as widely believed), and his skill as an artist is not even remotely near that of his own. The flow was flawless, the delivery was sharp and humorous, and it seemed as if Drizzy didn’t even break a sweat making the freestyle. Not to mention, Drake ended it in the best way possible, when he sent an invoice to the G.O.O.D. Music camp for “promotional assistance and career-reviving.” It was clear Drake won round 1 with ease.

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Now, it quickly got messy after Pusha did some investigating and clap backed in such a way it could be felt worldwide. Before even releasing the diss, Pusha unveiled the cover art for “The Story of Adidon.” That alone opened such a can of worms on social media that people’s focused shifted, with a young Drake smiling in minstrel show blackface make up. It got even worse with the diss. Over Hov’s “The Story of O.J.” track, Pusha utterly violated Drake, making claims that the rapper had a son with a porn star and has basically been hiding the baby. He continued the disrespect with shots to the Canadian rapper’s father, his identity within the African American community, and his responsibilities as a man and father to the unknown baby. Pusha took it even further with sick lines to Drake’s friend and producer Noah James Shebib (aka 40) who suffers from multiple sclerosis. DAMN!

Personally, because it was a DISS, Pusha won round 2. However, his success was due to the disrespect and scandal of it all. The delivery made the song much viler then what it was. Push was ruthless. He absolutely bit Drake’s head clean off. Now, his flow was not necessarily as potent as Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle”. His diss really was just a gossip blog freestyle covering topics that Drake literally covered in previous songs. He truthfully didn’t say anything pertaining to Drake’s skill as an artist or his music because there simply was nothing to honestly say. The gossip blog route had more dirt and controversy and Pusha being wise, took that route otherwise, this beef would be over.

Following the shock and chaos from both the diss cover and the song, Drake took some time to pen a letter sharing why he randomly had that makeup on and the cause behind it. Of course, people began to belittle him and say because he responded to the cover and not with an actual song or freestyle that he lost.

Social media began to buzz Monday (June 4), after a video was posted on Twitter of Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince speaking with Sway on his radio show. He shares that Drake had a life-shattering diss prepared that would basically end both Ye and Push. “Let me say this, the ingredients were overwhelming,” Prince shared of the unreleased diss track. “I know for a fact it would have been bad for Kanye… and my man. It’s beyond music at that point. It’s going to affect the livelihood… It’s going to interfere with his whole lifestyle.” However, Prince convinced Drake to “spare” Push and Ye, if you will. He ended the interview sharing that Drake gave him his word that he would not leak the diss.

Overall, the truth is: from the music that we have heard, it’s a tie. Drake had a great diss, and Pusha had an absolutely disrespectful diss. Both dished out some serious damage and really laid it on the table, but Drake did not completely just lose. Drake’s diss hit Pusha’s pride more. From what previous album releases have shown, Drizzy isn’t lying with what he said in “Duppy’s Freestyle”. Let’s not forget, Drake questioning the credibility in Pusha’s drug game. He basically said the man has been heavily exaggerating this drug life that he romanticizes. Because of this, Pusha really needed something to get back at him; therefore he lurked into the trenches and found some spicy information that would garner the desired controversy and notice. Regardless, both came prepared and ready for battle and both make good music.

The serious question now is… Is this beef really over? Will Drake really stay quiet or will we get this track on Scorpion? Is it really as bad as J Prince said? Does Drake really have a baby? How long will Pusha let this ride out? We are all ready for whatever is to come.