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After his recent feud made headlines, we’re starting to think “God’s Plan” for Drake calls for rap beef, and a lot of it. Over the years, Drake has been in countless disputes with other artists in the industry. From the most popular feuds to the ones you may have forgotten, here are the top 5 Drake beefs of all time.

5. Common

Our fifth spot was so long ago, we almost forgot it even happened. The beef started all the way back in 2011 when Common released his album The Dreamer/The Believer. The album included a song titled “Sweet”, which Common later confirmed was a direct diss at Drake. Long story short, Common put Drake on blast for being a singer, not a true rapper. Drake then called out Common during one his shows and told him to come say it to his face.

Nothing more ever came of the feud, but who knows what the future will hold.

4. Chris Brown

Coming in at No. 4, we have Drake vs. Chris Brown. The beef allegedly started back in 2012 when a fight over Rihanna erupted in a nightclub. The two have both publicly confessed their love for Riri, so it’s definitely believable. We thought the feud was over when they appeared alongside each other in a 2014 comedy skit during the ESPYS, but the brotherhood didn’t last long. Later in 2015, Chris expressed his dislike for Drake and basically said he’s responsible for keeping his career alive.

The two take shots at each other every now and then, but nothing major. We’re pretty sure Chris is sitting back with a smile on his face as he watches the current Drake-drama unfold.

3. Tory Lanez

The battle of the Canadian rappers comes in at No. 3. Apparently, there’s only enough room in Toronto for one rapper, and it’s Drake. We’re not really sure exactly where the beef started, but it was years in the making. Lanez would shoot a diss here and there toward Drake, but nothing was as extreme as this next move.

In 2016, Drake released his album Views From The 6, containing a track titled “Summer Sixteen”. In the song, Drake says, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little.” It doesn’t sound like a direct diss, until you take in to account that Lanez new mixtape was titled The New Toronto. Drake even went as far as blatantly mocking a verse off of Lanez song “Blow”.

Recently, it seems as both of the rappers finally realized there was enough room in the 6 for two, and decided to squash their beef for good.

2. Meek Mill

One of the most infamous Drake beefs of all time holds the No. 2 spot. What all started as a little tweet ended in a track we still can’t get out of our head. The beef began when Meek was a bit salty at Drake for not promoting his album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. He took matters in to his own hands and decided to expose Drake on Twitter, writing, “Stop comparing Drake to me… he don’t write his own raps!”

The feud went back and forth between the two, catching attention from other notable rappers in the industry. Meek’s girlfriend at the time, Nicki Minaj, even spoke on Drake’s ghostwriting during her “Pinkprint” tour. Eventually, Drake had enough of the games and dropped a diss track called “Back to Back”. Drake murdered the track, and a response was never given from Meek.

I guess his trigger fingers really did turn in to Twitter fingers.

1. Pusha T

Topping our charts at No. 1, we have the most recent of Drake beefs. Drake and Pusha T have been sending shots back and forth for years in various freestyles and tracks, but last week, things got juicy. On Friday (May. 25), Pusha T released his first album in three years, Daytona. The album included a clear shot at Drake, specifically calling out his ghostwriter by name. The very next day, Drake retaliated in his “Duppy” freestyle and then proceeded to send a $100,000 invoice to G.O.O.D Music/Def Jam (Pusha-T’s label) for “promotional assistance and career reviving”.

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It took a few days for Pusha T to respond, but once he did, it left everyone speechless. Pusha T released “The Story of Adidon”, which included a photo of a young Drake in blackface on the cover. The track made some crazy claims, including Drake is a deadbeat father and has a baby by a porn star. Now, Drake has never claimed a child, so this came as a complete shock to most.

We’re still waiting on the latest developments in the feud, but we’re sure it’ll be good.

Who’s next, Drake?