Professional surfer Makua Rothman is known for riding big waves, but over Memorial Day Weekend, he hit a wave so epic it has wowed social media and the world.

The 33-year-old surfer/musician caught an enormous wave off the coast of Fiji at Maxing Cloudbreak and wiped out hard. AND… it was captured on video.

Most are calling it the biggest wave in Figian history and biggest barrel ever ridden.

According to Rothman’s camp, he had just finishing recording sessions in Los Angeles, when he flew back to Hawaii to do stunt work for a new movie with The Rock. When he wrapped filming, he headed to Fiji after tracking a massive swell headed toward the country, in an effort to ride a once in a lifetime wave.

As you can see in the video above, he caught the wave and was riding through the massive barrel, when it swallowed him whole!

Luckily he survived, walking away without serious injury.

“Oh my God, that pounding! This could’ve been my worst wipeout ever,” Rothman said of the experience. “It had me spinning on my back in the foam ball, and the next thing you know, I was getting so pounded. I train year round and I’m glad I was in good condition or I might not be here today with my family and friends”.

Rothman was surfing on the North Shore of Hawaii since the age of 2. When he turned 18, he surfed a 66-foot wave, the largest wave known to be surfed anywhere in the world, earning him $66,000 in prize money. From there, he’s gone on to win multiple awards and cement himself among the greats in surfing history.

On the music front, he’s currently recording his sophomore release, the follow up to 2013 debut, Sound Wave.