Atari VCS

Following the announcement of the Ataribox last summer, the classic brand is finally rolling out the anticipated retro-styled console, now called the Atari VCS.

Inspired by the Atari 2600 Video Computer System, the system comes in two models: a collectors edition with a wood finish in the front and a black “Onyx” edition.

The Atari VCS will come with classic joysticks as well as modern controllers, and will be powered by modern hardware like an AMD processor and a Linux OS, allowing it to run classic Atari and PC titles. Other features include 4K resolution HDR with titles able to run 60 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, and a USB 3 port.

At launch, there will be more than 100 classic games, including Asteroids, Centipede, Breakout, and Gravitar.

The systems are available for $299 USD for the “Collector’s Edition” and $199 USD for the “Onyx Edition”, respectively. Pre-orders are officially open for the upcoming Atari VCS console, via Indiegogo.