“Fortnite” Gets Its First Vehicle: a Shopping Cart

Fortnite Shopping Cart vehicle
via Epic Games

It’s finally here! Fortnite gets its first vehicle.

While competing titles like PUBG allow players to hop into jeeps, buggys and motorcycles, Fortnite players have had to hoof it during matches. All that has changed, as Epic Games introduces “shopping carts”.

That’s right, it’s not a vehicle, per se, but, you can finally hop onto an object and ride it.

Via its 4.3 update, Epic Games rolled out shopping carts in-game, allowing player to hop inside and take aim at opponents on the go, but a teammate has to push it from behind.

Within Fortnite, players can locate shopping carts in parking lots… of course, like Retail Row, Greasy Grove, Tilted Towers, and or the racetrack north of Moisty Mire.

Being that shopping carts have just been added, there seems to be a few bugs that need to be sorted out. According to GameRant, “The bug seems to occur when a player attempts to ride a Shopping Cart, at which point they fall through the map. This would be unremarkable, except that when this occurs, every single other player on the map drops dead. The killfeed displays each death as a Shopping Cart kill, attributed to the player who fell through the map.”

So far, the bug reports only seem to affect gameplay on a PC.

Check out some of the early shopping cart action in the videos below.