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A fixture in the rap game for over two decades, Styles P remains one of the genre’s most consistent spitters, always holding it down for real hip-hop fans, specifically New York hip-hop.

After the recent release of his Nickel Bag EP, Styles returns for his ninth studio album G-Host, giving us 16 new tracks to rock to with. Hosting the gangsters and the gentlemanP stays true to his “Gangster and A Gentleman” persona he originated years ago by providing a steady stream of OG knowledge.

Following the release of G-Host earlier this month, we catch up with Styles P to talk about his latest project. Getting into the album’s first single, “Heat of the Night,” Styles shares that he’s been listening to the song for the last five years, before finally letting it go. He also talks to us about leading a healthy lifestyle, having opened his own juice bar Juices For Life with fellow Lox member Jadakiss and Angela Yee; and details a few simple juice recipes you can make at home to get started. “Each one, teach one” is the message that he leads with everyday.

Styles P - G-Host

What drives you to continue to create and release new music?

Ummm, I think I’m addicted to it. I really don’t have the slightest idea sometimes. I think I’m just around it by nature and just can’t help myself around it. I’m in a group with two really dope partners that always make dope rhymes, so it’s kind of hard to not rhyme. You know what I mean?

What do you enjoy more weed or rhyming?

Oh, oh oh… That was a very tricky question right there. It goes hand in hand. For me, it goes hand in hand. I don’t know… hand in hand. Maybe weed. I would say weed, ’cause there’s no stress that comes along with it. I don’t get stressed from the weed. Weed relieves the stress. I do get stressed from rhyming. So, I would have to pick weed over rhyming if it was one of the two.

Did you have a good 420?

Holy sh*t! I had the greatest 420 ever. It was incredible. I started in L.A., went to the Jungle Awards. Well, I missed a flight and then we went to the Jungle Awards. Then, I actually got pulled at the airport; I got away. They let me go, I didn’t get away. They just let me go. It was a great 420.

Then I went to The Bay, performed great, went to the Green Door, and Berner gave me a bunch of weed. I had a dope show and made some bread. I had a damn good 420 if i say so myself. I should have made a documentary.

You don’t have someone following you around to get footage?

I do sometimes, but he be high too.

I enjoyed the recent podcast episodes you’ve done with Eric and Jeff from A Waste Of Time With It’s The Real. What movie will you guys be reviewing next?

Two Jews and Two Black Dudes! You like our movie review show? We’ve only done a few episodes, but it was pretty dope. I don’t know what the next movie will be. I’ll probably hit them up after this thing. We got to figure that out. I love them guys. They are my dudes.

G-Host is the new record. The title goes with the ghost theme. Can you tell us the back story on how you came up with the name “Ghost?” For those who don’t know?

Just from being spiritual, you know what I mean? Feeling like I’m half here and half in another place. I’ve always felt ghostly. When I was younger I came up with the name Ghost. That’s pretty much where that came from. Having a belief in the spiritual world more than the average person.

Lets talk about “Heat Of The Night,” why did you drop that song first?

Actually, Hovain and my wife — I was listening to the whole joint. I didn’t really know what joint to pick first — and then also Poose. Then, I listened to that song for like five years. It just made sense. Just let it go.

There’s a line on “Heat Of The Night” where you say, “My gun burn n*ggass like the way y’all burn Cali weed / Or the way a fat burner burns calories” At first I thought you were calling Berner fat, then realized when I looked up the lyrics you were talking about “fat burner,” as in health and fitness.

I don’t know, it just was in my mind. Probably was incorporated in my mind partially because of my lifestyle. It just kind of made sense.

You’ve been inspiring and teaching everyone to live a healthier lifestyle starting with the juicing, can you talk a little about that?

I think the message of juicing is “each one teach one”, and spread the word. I am passionate about spreading it. As far as putting people on, everybody wants to be healthy, everybody wants to be a better person — everybody. We just all don’t have the outlets or information on it. We’re all supposed to put each other on. All the time, every time, everyday.

What’s a cool juice recipe that you make often at home?

Probably often I would say, apple and kale; or apple, kale and ginger; or apple, kale, lemon and ginger. Those are probably my go-to’s on the juice tip.

What about at your juice spot, Juices For Life? What are the popular juices people are picking up?

We got a few different joints. People come in and get the Armageddon: the regular protein joint; Kiss Of Life; The Wave; and G5. A lot of joints. I suggest when you go there, you look at the menu and just pick fruits and veggies you know you like. Take menus from everywhere too. You can take the menus or snap your drink with the ingredients, so you can remember. You can go home and do the same thing, or go wherever you juice at and tell them to do the same thing.

Styles P and Jadakiss at Juices For Life
Styles P and Jadakiss at Juices For Life / Credit: Juices For Life

You’ve been open about your relationship, family and work on social media. Do you feel like it’s important to showcase that “real” type of life/work balance?

I think I just live my life on a regular basis you know? I’m out here. I’m with the people, I sell juice, I’ve got four different bars.

I think everybody goes through different phases and stages in their life. That’s the key to balance. You can’t tell everybody to be one way or move one way. All you do is wake up and play your part, try to give your best energy out. Spread the energy and connect with people with the same energy because people’s minds are full of what they went through, what they’re going through, who they are, what they’re going to go through. I look at it like, “I don’t give a f*ck about nobody judging me,” so I don’t have the right to judge nobody. That’s what God is for. At the end of the day, people are doing all type of sh*t. There was a time in my life that I sold dope and crack — I’m not going to judge anyone for selling liquor. That’s their choice and what they choose to do in life. Maybe there is a reason for it, and maybe they will end up doing something good out of that reason. I don’t know, and it’s not for me to know. That’s not my job. My job is to do my job. I think a lot of people think what we do is focus on what other people are doing, how they do it, and when they hold a certain position in society or acquire a certain amount of wealth. We think that makes them not normal anymore. They’re still regular people. I don’t look at anyone that’s a billionaire or famous person in any position as not human. They’re still human, they’re still liable to f*ck up; they’re still going to sin; and they still have harm that they’re going to do. Still dealing with that 180 negative. That’s what we all do. It’s just that certain people put it in a certain light.

You just recently celebrated your anniversary. Over 20 years with your wife. Do you have any advice on how to have a friendship and relationship that can stand the test of time?

You have the keyword: friendship. I would say look for a friendship. I think it starts with a friendship. Then, have your ups and downs. Even with dating, you don’t get the marriage or the engagements; you don’t get a boyfriend or girlfriend without dating. So just have fun, be you, live your life, and hopefully, you meet somebody that can grow with you. If you’re young, who you are right now is going to be different in five years. Then in 10 years, you’re going to be different from that. Then in 50 years you’ll be different from that. People often take the word growing as a physical thing. You actually never really stop growing. Some people’s growth get stunted and people kind of decrease in growth, but growth is always somewhere there. You keep growing or you’re gonna shrink.

Because you are 1/3 of the legendary hip hop group, The Lox, for the record. Can you name off your “Top 5 Hip Hop Groups” of all time?

That’s hard. There’s a lot of dope hip-hop groups. There’s too many to pick five: Public Enemy, [A Tribe Called Quest], NWA, Outkast, EPMD… of course, Cypress. There’s too many. I wanna say MOP, then I still got De La Soul, Jungle Brothers… The list is too long. I have to deny the question. Your top five can switch with the time period. So there might be a time period where there are five groups and I feeling this way, six months later I might be on a different vibe. I’m a mutable guy, I change a lot. There’s a lot of dope groups.

The groups that you mentioned are all from an older generation. Why do you think there are not as many hip-hop groups in the music game today?

Money, technology and lack of loyalty. Money separates people. With technology everything is moving so fast. Then with the loyalty — where they’re all moving so fast, — it’s hard for them to stick together when everybody is all in their ear. You know what I mean? Those three things.

Rap is a deadly game. There’s a lot of sh*t that happens and a lot of egos involved. If you don’t come in with a solid foundation and a strict code, you’re liable to break apart and that’s just how it is. The difference between us and other groups, I think, is we’re brothers before we’re a group. I think you’ve gotta have a brotherhood first and then the group is within the brotherhood, understand?

It’s like the army, like the arm forces, like the mob, sports teams — none of that sh*t works without the comradery and the code… code of ethics. I think raps groups just have to apply the same thing. Once you have that, I think you have some sort of foundation to stick on, where the money or the women, or fans, or evils won’t separate you.

I saw you tweeted after the release of G-Host you’ve got something epic dropping. Can you tell us about that?

It’s just EPIC! It’s going to be super dope. It’s gonna be authentic. Authentic hip-hop. It’s gonna be like… It’s just I don’t even wanna tell you why it’s super dope, ’cause then I’ll be giving away some. I think it’s just a good plate to be served at the time so to say.