Lil Tay’s Teen Brother is the One Behind the Viral Star’s Wild Antics

Lil Tay
via Instagram / Lil Tay

If you’ve an avid Instagram user, than you’ve probably come across emerging potty-mouthed 9-year-old Lil Tay.

The self-declared “youngest Flexer of the century” has built a following for her foul mouth and obsession with wealth. She regularly posts videos of herself inside luxury whips and with fistfuls of cash, while taunting her “broke ass haters”.

Who’s allowing her to do this, though? Her mother, Angela Tian, is obviously condoning the activity, but at the cost her real estate job in Vancouver. However, it’s not her mother behind the Lil Tay character, it’s her teen brother. He’s the driving force behind the young flexer’s Instagram boasting and controversial choice of words.

A video has leaked of Lil Tay filming one of her familiar skits, but in the behind the scenes clip, she’s out of character and is heard being coached by her teenage brother, who tells her how and exactly what to say. He even tells her to sound “more ignorant” while delivering her outrageous statements.

Wow! Is this what it has come to? Using a 9-year-old to gain followers on social media? As of press time, she has 2.1 million followers on Instagram.