Tabasko Sweet
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Tabasko Sweet is a young vlogger taking the internet by storm. He satirizes hypebeast brands and creates looks that are here for the culture… but on a budget. In his DIY series, Cheap Thrills, he takes hyped brands such as Rolex, Gucci, and BAPE, and creates replicas with products you can find at a craft store.

With such a unique approach to being a hypebeast, without actually spending the dough on product to be a hypebeast, we caught up with Tabasko to discuss how he’s made such an impact on his audience, where he got his start, and why he’s important for the young fashion culture.

Tabasko Sweet, where does that name come from?

Actually, it came from my old bandmate, one of my best friends. We were just messing around in high school and coming up with different names. I was DJ’ing this New Year’s Eve party and he just threw out the name Tabasko Sweet and it just freaked me out. I was like, “That name is really good; I’m keeping it forever.” I can’t take credit for giving myself the name, but he’s one of my homies.

You said you were in a band, how did you get into vlogging?

My friend Michaela, who is the creator of the show, approached me with the idea of making the show. We’ve been friends for a while and creative partners for about five years now, so it kind of just happened naturally. We met at a venue where one of my bands was playing and just became really good friends. Eventually, we just made a career of doing that.

Where did you get the idea to start satirizing different brands?

Michaela approached me with the idea for the show and I thought it was great. I grew up around that culture and participated in street culture when I was younger. I was always trying to go out and buy the Air Jordans and stuff, and I was hanging out with skaters too. SO, I was always interested in that fashion group.

How do you select which shoe or which bag you’re going to do?

A lot of the stuff is just requested. At this point, people kind of just flood the DMs with whatever they want us to make. They make it easy for us and just tell us what they want.

When fans tell you what they want you to make, how do you come up with the different ways to make them look so real?

There’s a team behind the whole thing, it takes a village to raise a Tabasko; it varies though every time. We just try to keep the ideas really unhinged and wild.

What has been your favorite video so far to make? What has been the most fun?

I think the Gucci belt one was really fun, definitely had a lot of fun with that one. That and the Lil Mayo episode. where we made the Retro Chicagos. Those two were probably my favorite ones.

I read that you’ve become a big feminist figure for young males, tell me a little bit about that.

I’m a pretty opinionated person. I believe in equal rights for everyone and I’m really passionate about these kind of things. I tend to be a Facebook ranter at times and I think Michaela knows that, so we kind of work my political views and other shared views into the show. I just try to diffuse the toxic masculinity that’s within this culture. That’s just something that’s really important to me and I think needs to be discussed on any platform.

I also read that you get “thank you” notes from parents as well, what are some cool ones you have gotten?

One of the sweetest ones was somebody’s mom sent me a photo of their kid all decked out, and she was like, “Thank you for helping my son find confidence.” That was pretty heartwarming. I wasn’t always Tabasko Sweet, so there is some points where I didn’t really have much confidence either, so it was cool to see that I could do that for someone.

Do you have any big ideas coming up for future vlogs?

I don’t know man. I’m really just kind of taking it day by day right now and just trying to link and build with different people; just do whatever I can. I’m just trying to open more doors and opportunities. I don’t know… maybe have a TV show one day; I’m not really sure. Right now, I’m just taking it day by day. I’m going to definitely keep addressing issues, but for now, I’m just trying to focus on the now and not plan too far ahead in to the future. I’m just planning for the best and expecting the worst.

For more on Tabasko Sweet or to watch his popular series, visit the Super Deluxe Youtube channel here.