Beastie Boys Memoir to Include Cookbook 7 Never-Before-Seen Photos

Beastie Boys
via Michael Morel / CC-BY-2.0

The long-talked about Beastie Boys memoir is on the way… and we have details.

Due out Oct. 30, the upcoming book will be 592 pages long and will include never-before-seen photos, a graphic novel, a cookbook, original illustrations, maps, playlists, and editorials from guest contributors like Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze and Amy Poehler… and that’s just a few highlights.

According to the Beastie Boys webstore, the memoir is described as “a panoramic experience”, as well as “a book as unique as the band itself.”

The website says:

“Adam ‘AD-ROCK’ Horovitz and Michael ‘Mike D’ Diamond offer revealing and very funny accounts of their transition from teenage punks to budding rappers; their early collaboration with Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin; the almost impossible-to-fathom overnight success of their debut studio album Licensed to Ill; that album’s messy fallout; their break with Def Jam, move to Los Angeles, and rebirth as musicians and social activists, with the genre-defying masterpiece Paul’s Boutique.”

The Beastie Boys Book is available for pre-order now for $49.99.