Drake and Meek Mill

Here’s the latest in the feud between Meek Mill and Drake. There is no feud.

When Meek was in prison, Drizzy was one of many artists to scream out “Free Meek Mill”. Apparently, this statement of support and time past has contributed to both wanting to put their rivalry behind them.

Durinig an interview on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning,” the Philly rapper said a collaboration with Drake is possible.

“It’s possible. Everything is possible,” Meek explained. “I ain’t got no hate towards him and I don’t believe he got hate towards me. When I was in the situation, I seen in the media… he said ‘Free Meek Mill.’ That was when I’m at my down point, where I don’t really got anything going with music. A lot of people can say, ‘He wants to attach with what’s going on.’ I don’t really care about that. Before we had a little rap issue, I knew him as a person, and he supported.”

In another interview with The Breakfast Club, Meek admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Drake, but saw him on Facetime… and said there was “good energy”.

“I ain’t talk to him yet,” he said. “I seen him on FaceTime the other day… It was good energy. He put good energy in the air. What happened happened. We moved past that. I think we’ll have a conversation or something when we see each other and keep it moving in life.”

It’s good to see Meek and Drizzy putting their differences behind them. Now, when will we see music from the previous collaborators?