FOX Has 86’d “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” But There’s Still Hope

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
via FOX

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are out for blood. When news broke that FOX cancelled the show after a five-season run, social media went off.

The cop comedy–  starring SNL alum Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, and Andre Braugher — was a huge success, garnering around 4.8 million average viewers per episode during its first two seasons. However, with viewership slipping in the seasons following, a cancellation has been announced.

Until its cancellation, it was the only comedy on the network that was produced outside the studio.

Fox axed three of their hard-hitting comedy series just days before their upfront presentation of the upcoming comedy season to networks. The Last Man on Earth and The Mick round out the list, leaving The Big Bang Theory and Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing from the network’s long-time series. Fox hasn’t really had the best track record when it comes to sustaining audiences for their comedies in the past, so cancelling a show with such a ferocious following is a little sus’.

Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago, retweeted a fan’s reaction to her IG story.

Some fans have become “activists,” threatening Twitter protests.

This one is just plain sad.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ran for five seasons on Fox, but Hulu and Universal might be in talks to continue producing the series without FOX. The streaming service leveled up with Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for their original series The Handmaid’s Tale. And, let’s be honest: y’all don’t have cable anyway. Maybe, the Brooklyn detectives changing platforms was the best move anyway.

So, until an announcement that production will continue, the final episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs May 20.