via Instagram / Migos

Migos are catching some heat, after a company sued the trio claiming they didn’t hold up their end of a clothing deal.

On Wednesday (May 9), TMZ reported that YRN (Yung Rich Nation) filed a lawsuit against the Migos, accusing the rap group of not fulfilling the obligations of their contract.

Being that their debut album was titled Yung Rich Nation, it seems like it would be a perfect fit. YRN says that in the deal, Migos were supposed to promote YRN clothing in at least 6 music videos a year, 4 photo shoots, and at least, 6 in-store signings. However, the Migos failed to fulfill their end of the agreement, so a lawsuit has been filed.

Furthermore, YRN says that after signing with Universal Music Group, Migos began rolling out their own merchandising apparel, and even went as far as attempting to shut down them down.

Further details in the lawsuit are currently unknown.