“BEYOND THE STREETS” Art Exhibition Opens in Los Angeles

BEYOND THE STREETS Art Exhibition Los Angeles
via John Pangilinan / BallerStatus.com

BEYOND THE STREETS is a celebration of graffiti and the cultural impact it has made to society.

Open now until July 6, the exhibition features works from many of the pioneers of the movement and those that have gone beyond the streets to apply their talents on various mediums — including the likes of Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, Risk, Banksy, Defer, Patrick Martinez, Futura 2000, HAZE, Invader, Keith Haring, RETNA, Takashi Murakami, and more.

Over 100 international artists have participated to fill the 40,000-square-foot industrial space that spans several rooms and areas with works of art. Paintings, installations, photography, sculptures, and more are on display for attendees.

“BEYOND THE STREETS” is open now. For more info and tickets, visit the website here.

Beyond the Streets
1667 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA