Lexus has rolled out a new marketing campaign to showcase just how capable their line of hybrids really are.

Dubbed “Fast as h”, the campaign offers a look at the full hybrid lineup’s impressive performance and new lower pricing.

In the 30-second TV spot (above), “Cloudy with a Chance of Truth,” we see the LC 500h hybrid performance coupe maneuvers through an empty gallery space, as it literally and figuratively clears clouds of doubt about hybrid performance.

“Of course a Lexus is powerful,” the voiceover states. “But if you had any lingering doubts about the acceleration, horsepower and all-around performance of a Lexus hybrid, this should clear the air. When Lexus crafts hybrids, the result is fast as h. Now comparably priced to the rest of the lineup.”

Check out the ad spot up top, and for more details about Lexus’ hybrid lineup, visit the website here.