Cholula Hot Sauce x Umami Burger

Cholula Hot Sauce and Umami Burger have teamed up for the creation of a limited edition menu item — the “Sweet Habanero” Chick-Me-Out Burger.

The secret men item is Umami’s first-ever grilled chicken sandwich featuring Cholula’s new flavor, Sweet Habanero. It features Cholula Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce, adobo marinated grilled chicken breast, smashed avocado, pickled red onions, lime & green mango slaw, and charred pineapple.

The “Sweet Habanero” Chick-Me-Out Burger is be available only at Umami Burger The Grove in Los Angeles, Umami Burger at Brookfield Place (NYC) and Umami Burger at the West Loop (Chicago) until June 5th.