Watch Kanye West & T.I. Make “Ye Vs. The People” in Studio

Kanye West and T.I. - Ye Vs. The People

Last week, Kanye West’s “Ye Vs. The People” featuring T.I. On the track, both emcees take part in a back and forth-style debate over Ye’s decision to support Donald Trump.

Following the headline-grabbing track, Kanye has now decided to share rare behind the scenes footage of the making of the single.

The video includes Kanye and T.I., and producers Pi’erre Bourne and Mike Dean in a room with a few other people in what appears to be Ye’s Calabasas, Calif. office. The footage commences with a discussion between Yeezy and Tip over the reasons why he supports Donald Trump. T.I. attempts to explain to Kanye that his words have hurt many people who have been negatively affected by Trump.

After Kanye admits that he doesn’t agree with “half the sh*t Trump does,” T.I. immediately inquires about what it is that he actually agrees with. “Just the ability to do what no one said you could do. To do the impossible is the most inspiring thing to me,” Ye replies.

Later on in the video, the rappers begin recording “Ye Vs. The People.”  Each artist alternately record their verses as they sit with headphones on. Ye’s skillful production side begins to take over as he even offers some direction to Tip on where he should jump in on the song.

Watch the entire video up above.