Daz Calls on Crips to Beat Up Kanye, The Game Advises Ye to Worry

The Game and DAZ
via TMZ

Amidst the Kanye West controversy that’s erupted over the last few weeks, many are interested in how Ye’s fellow musicians feel about his comments, and while some are offering additional facts to consider regarding his support of Donald Trump, others like West Coast rapper Daz Dillinger have decided to take a more hands-on approach — for lack of better words.

Daz is among the celebrities who feel Kanye has turned on the African-American community and irresponsibly backed a racist. He felt so moved by Ye’s stance that the rapper posted a video calling him out. He likens Yeezy to Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie Django Unchained and even goes as far as to recruit his fellow Crips to “f*ck Kanye up.”

There are also rumors circulating that Daz may be harboring ill feelings towards Ye after hearing him compare himself and Trump uniting to Bloods and Crips coming together in his new track “Ye Vs. The People”.

“Like a gang truce / The first Blood to shake a Crip’s hand,” Ye rapped.

TMZ recently caught up with The Game, hoping to get his thoughts on the Kanye’s support of Trump. “If ya’ll ain’t figured out Kanye is a genius by now…,” Game responded. “Kanye know what he’s doing –– f*ck Trump though.”

When further probed about whether or not Ye should be worried about Daz calling on his Crip members to handle Ye, he was particularly clear with his advice. “If Daz Dillinger threaten you, you should damn sure feel threatened,” he said.

The Compton rapper also advised Ye to enlist the help of Trump’s security team to protect himself.