Attention Los Angeles! Jealous of all the New Yorkers who get to enjoy a tasty thin-crust pizza on the daily? Well, you can now too join in on the deliciousness.

Thanks to Patsy’s Pizzeria and New York’s hometown airline, JetBlue’s Pie In The Sky delivery will be sending pizzas across the country and straight to your door step.

On Tuesday (May 2), JetBlue announced it will fly homemade pies straight from Patsy’s Pizzeria to the City of Angels, but only for a limited time. On May 9 through May 11, L.A residents will be able to order a signature pizza from the Big Apple and enjoy it just in time for dinner. JetBlue’s aim is to allow people from coast to coast the chance to experience a true thin-crust pizza from their hometown, because there’s truly nothing like it.

Customers can check to see if their address fits within the delivery zone via JetBlue’s Pie In The Sky site, and even track the delivery once their order is placed. Starting at 12 a.m. PT each day, customers will have their choice at 16-inch plain cheese pizza or a pepperoni pizza, each costing $15 or less. Once your pie lands safely on the ground, you will be sent an ETA expected between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. If interested, you better think fast on your craving because only 350 pies will be sent out per day.

Once you receive your pizza, post a pic using the hashtag #JetBluePieInTheSky to make every one else in America hate you.

Watch up above, as New York’s own Spike Lee gives the Do’s and Dont’s of eating a New York pizza.