Dan Aykroyd Wants a “Blues Brothers” Reboot With Cardi B & Tiffany Haddish

Cardi B
via Instagram / Cardi B

Actor Dan Aykroyd is intrigued at the idea of producing a Blues Brothers reboot called Soul Sisters and is interested in rapper Cardi B and comedian/actress Tiffany Haddish for the lead roles.

The original film stars Aykroyd alongisde John Belushi, and brought a host of top name musicians together for an action-packed ride, complete with musical twists and turns.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Aykroyd said he’s hoping to get studio approval and a nice budget to create the film. “I like it, I like it,” he said. “Yeah, come on, hey, get me some producers, you know what I mean?”

Although any project with both Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish sounds like comedic gold, the actor/director appeared to be serious about producing the film, noting that it was already prepared and simply awaiting the green light from a studio. “It’s all up there! It’s all up there. It’s sitting on five desks in town.”

Albeit, it sounds like Dan is noticing the wave, he does seem encouraged to get the ladies on the horn and talk turkey. “I’m gonna find out who manages them right away!” Aykroyd said. “That’s my next call.”

Here’s hoping this project gets picked up ASAP!