Cardi B Might Be Carrying Offset’s Fifth Baby, Not Fourth

Offset of Migos
via The Come Up Show / Charito Yap / CC-BY-2.0

Huh?! What?!! The DNA results are in… Offset actually might be the father of Instagram model Celina Powell’s two-month-old baby, Karma.

In a video posted on Powell’s Instagram story, she breathlessly announces the paternity results, screaming “I told you. I told you b*tches.”

Powell first claimed Offset was the baby’s daddy when rumors of Cardi B’s pregnancy were still fresh. However, the Migos rapper denied every allegation, but when he was ordered to take a paternity test by courts, Powell wasn’t the only one anxiously awaiting results.

Many fans are still in denial. Even those who watched the live stream commented for Powell to show the results on screen to prove it was true… and they might not be the only one’s casting doubt on the results.

Offset’s very pregnant and very famous fiance Cardi B responded to the DNA test with her own skepticism, via Twitter. “Why would ya post this knowing that shit is wild fake,” she wrote, in response to a story written by XXL.

Cardi seems to be unbothered by any rumors about Offset having another baby, but maybe this time, the receipts are undeniable? In any case, we’ll be sipping tea and watching.