Nicki Minaj
via Instagram / Nicki Minaj

Following the release of two singles, “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz”, it appears Nicki Minaj is planning an upcoming tour.

She took to Twitter on Monday (April 30), asking fans if they are ready for a tour, which will apparently include a Citibank pre-sale.

“Do you guys have a Citi bank card?” Nicki asked her fans. From there, she said pre-sale would only last a few days and would only be for the U.S.

“You feel all the good seats will go by then?” she continued.

This followed hints earlier this month, when Nicki posted a Twitter poll, asking fans if they had money ready for the tour. Poll results show that 58 percent said they didn’t.

“if u miss it, don’t be mad at Chun,” she later Twitter. “Be mad at YOU! Chun gave u ALLLL the time in the world.”
She also revealed that she may set up meet-and-greets. “US first. Then ALL AROUND THE WORLD. BUT THERE’S another surprise you won’t know. Bwahaaahahaaaaaa. The ones at the tour will be elevated to Team Minaj ELITE. Yes, I’m leaning towards M&G’s. Only cuz my babies been so patient,” she wrote. “But pls don’t hold me to it.”