BMW Reveals Designs for Virgin Hyperloop One’s Passenger Cabins

Virgin Hyperloop One interior design
via BMW Designworks

BMW Group’s Designworks company recently unveiled new designs for the passenger cabin designs of the Virgin Hyperloop One system.

As seen in the pair of photos, the interiors of the Hyperloop feature futuristic capsules straight out of a movie. There’s premium seating, usually sizable personal space, entertainment systems, cooling and heating functions, as well as custom mood lighting.

Designworks also added traditional Arabic patterns throughout the cabins. The pods are said to be capable of traveling “through vacuum-sealed tubes at speeds of 671 mph,” as noted by Travel + Leisure.

Virgin Hyperloop One plans to have three operating systems across the United Arab Emirates by 2021, connecting Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Once in place, the system will reduce travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai from 90 minutes to 12 minutes.