Denim brand Warp + Weft has announced the launch of what it’s calling its “Core Four” — four fabrics that will form the basis for its denim.

The brand calls its four fabrics “magical” and transforms standard blue jeans into “high performance pairs with incredible retention and recovery and serious fashion cred.”

The Core Four consists of:

CLASSIC: A mid-weight, stronghold denim that combines innovative fibers and cotton to create ultimate low-impact jean.

DYNAMIC: Comfort stretch cotton-denim that always keeps its shape. Bounces back and never bags out. This mid-weight fabric is extremely versatile, wears superbly and comes in a wide range of multi-dimensional washes.

ONEDER: So soft and smooth it wears like air, with a firm hold and high performance. The tightly woven, ultra light fabric is constructed using ultra soft modal, cotton and stretch fibers.

POWER: A maximum hold fabric thanks to advanced shaping technology, with a lush, dense feel and lightweight breathability — the perfect amount of stretch to give you the best shape.

Warp + Weft aims at revolutionizing the way denim is made, by reducing the environmental impact denim production creates. All the brand’s denim is low-impact, using less than 10 gallons of water per jean, upon which 98% of it is recycled back. Additionally, each jean only takes .96kWH of energy to produce, which is less than running a lightbulb for 10 hours.

“As a brand we ensure all our jeans go through rigorous fit testing on 00-24 models, mannequins, real people, and take custom data to drive our design process”, says Sarah Ahmed, CEO of Warp + Weft.

Product made from Warp + Weft’s is available now at the brand’s online store, each pair selling for under $100 USD.